Drone FPV Racer

Pilot 's setup Fred "2Sek"

Fred has been a fan of the FPV race since the very beginning,

so it makes sense that our chief engineer at Lethal Conception chose the latest Kut-R Lite frame to use his favorite and time-tested components.

 A team of  enthusiasts !

A team of enthusiasts !

Building your Racing Drone is surely the best way to get to know all the organs of your multirotor.


Find out the Low Riding FPV !

The FPV Racing is a new discipline coupling aeromodelling and immersion flight. Pilot your multirotor (also called a drone) as if you were the pilot. Sensations and fun guaranteed! Thanks to the new carbon fiber frame, crashes won’t be a problem. The sports-style drone has arrived, low riding FPV is also practice with friends, by organizing FPV races.

DIY Drone

Build your Racing Drone is probably the best way to get to know all the organs of your racing multirotor. Choose your Brushless motors, ESCs, flight controller and FPV system : Assemble it yourself and you are ready to find out FPV Racing with your DIY Drone!