The technician responsible for after-sales service makes every effort to obtain the guarantee of your products.

The approach with the suppliers to arrive at this result requires time.

That is why we are grateful for the patience you will give us.


When you encounter a problem with one of our products, the following procedure must be followed:

Contact our after-sales service by the webiste contact page here (if no contact has been established beforehand)

The email contact is imperative because it is the most convenient way to have a follow-up and a traceability.

 For all support requests, we will ask you for informations to be able to discuss with the manufacturers:

• Order number

• Explanation of your problem

• Detailed photos of the products

• Screenshots of different software (Betaflight, BlHeli, ...)

• Videos in some cases and depending on the product

If components have been soldered, don’t unsolder anything in order to see the implementation ready to flight

Without theses elements it will be impossible to obtain support with the differents manufacturers

An answer will be sent to you within 2 working days.

For requests concerning batteries, here are the necessary photos:

However, some manufacturers prefer direct requests with the customer.

Diatone : Contact by mail here : [email protected]

DJI : Contact with your Dji account here

RushFPV : Fill the form and send by email here

Divimath : Contact par mail ici

Torvol : Contact with the link here


All product returns must first have been validated by our services during the request for support.


To return the product concerned, you must:

Print and fill out the return service form.

This form must imperatively be completed and attached with the shipment of the product to the following address:

Drone FPV Racer

Service après vente

Allée des Charmes

Zone d'activité - Velaine en Haye

54840 Bois de haye - FRANCE

 Any return without this form can not be processed!

The processing time for a VAS is approximately 3 to 6 weeks.