Every order made on Drone FPV Racer earns you loyalty points.

These points are convertible thereafter into a voucher.

The discount amount is 2% of the total amount of your order.


- A 50€ order brings you 5 loyalty points.

- 5 loyalty points are converted into a 1€ voucher.

How to use and convert my points?

  • Go to your account.
  • Click on "My loyalty points".

Point fidélité

  • You will find your available points and the total of your points
  • Click on "Turn my points into a voucher"

cms point fidélité 2.JPG

  • Your voucher is generated

cms point fidélité 3.JPG

  • Use your code easily directly in your basket
  • Click on the code
  • The code is automatically written in the box
  • Confirm by clicking on "OK"

The amount of your order is update.

You can order.