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Manufacturer : PiratFrames / Référence : PIRAT-PUNCH

Punch - Piratframes

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Technical characteristics

(V1.1: new arms, new standoffs, new vtx slider)

Here come the Piratframes Punch 5" Freestyle Frame.

Crafted, tested, and approved by the pilots of the Pirat team:
Pdevx, Auxplumes, Fcore, J-true and Fincky. 

New generation, new color. Dark bronze is the new gold.


An aluminum mounting cage to protect your camera,
secured by TPU parts to prevent vibrations and cushion impacts.

An arm system that allows for mounting in squished or true X geometry.
The arm position shortens the tail and nose of the frame to reinforce it.

The VTX Slider, a system allowing you to choose the position of your VTX
to save space where needed, as well as electrically isolate it from the carbon. 

And many more small details that make assembly and maintenance easier for you.
23mm standoffs, a fully pass-through for your XT60 in the top plate,
mounting holes behind the camera to attach your components,...

The Punch shares its hardware and arms with its nervous little sister, the Shorty.

Our frames come with all Torx screws.
Because for a long time, we believe and verify that this type of imprint
allows for better tightening and wears much less over time.
To make your life easier, we also provide you with motor screws.





  • Camera Mount: 20mm or Smaller
  • VTX mount: 25x25 / 20x20 / VTX Slider
  • Maximum Stack Height: less than 23mm
  • Stack Size: 30x30 / 20x20mm
  • Plates Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Arm Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Motor Mount: 16x16mm
  • Arm geometry: Squished or True X with the same arms.
  • Wheelbase: 232 / 235mm


  • Chamfered carbon fiber frame parts (5.5mm arms / 2.5mm plates)
  • Aluminium and TPU camera cage
  • VTX slider (PA12 Nylon)
  • Rubber battery pad
  • Tube antenna mount (many 3D print files available)
  • Hardware kit and standoffs (12.9 steel, 7075 aluminum, full torx)
  • Battery strap (240mm / Fully sewn with a reinforced metal buckle)
  • Torx mini key
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Customer reviews

4.8/5 (5 notifications)
Par le 26/05/2024

Super frame

Par le 21/05/2024

frame excellente, rigide et bien conçue, parole de dessinateur indus ;). Facile a monter. Les bémols qui me font enlever une étoile : - penser a enlever les pressnuts inutilisée sous la stack - pensez a prendre les TPU DFR ou a en imprimer, très peu de tpu sont fournis - vis de stack fournies un poil courtes, le top serait des vis m3x25mm - chassis hyper compact, tout faire rentrer dedans a été un petit challenge, O3, condo, buzzer, rx crossfire avec son tpu. sinon une très belle frame, saine et cool a voler

Par le 16/04/2024


Par le 05/04/2024

All good

Par le 13/02/2024

Super frame , léger rigides vole super avec les entrailles d'un. NazgulF6D