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TrueRC X²-AIR 2.4 Antenna - RHCP
TrueRC X²-AIR 2.4 Antenna - RHCP
Manufacturer : TrueRC / Référence : *TRUERC-X2-AIR-24-RHCP*

TrueRC X2-AIR 2.4 Antenna - RHCP

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Technical characteristics

By pairing two of our famous X-AIR you get more gain AND wider beam!

 Of course, there’s a compromise which is reduced vertical beam width, but good FPV don’t happen up high!  A novel approach was taken to match the two antennas together and loose virtually no RF energy in the process. The result is an unmatched efficiency. Each unit is tested on professional antennas tester (agilent) for SWR, gain and circularity.


  • Frequencies: 2.3-2.5GHz
  • Gain: 13 dBic
  • Axial Ratio: 1 (perfect)
  • Beam-width Horizontal*: 150deg
  • Beam-width Vertical*: 62deg
  • Hor. beam @-3dB**: 74deg.
  • Vert. beam @-3dB**: 34deg.
  • Connector: SMA
  • Dimension: 10.2″x5.2″x3″ (SMA cable length of 1.2″)

*Coverage where reception is at least equivalent to an omni.
**Coverage where at least 70% of the max range is obtained.

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