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Manufacturer : Team BlackSheep / Référence : 8534000095


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Technical characteristics

The TBS CROSSFIRE TX LITE packs all the regular Crossfire technology. As it comes without a Bluetooth module, it's perfect for FPV pilots who want to save a bit of money!


The TBS CROSSFIRE is a long range R/C link based on the newest RF technology, capable of self-healing two-way communications and range beyond comprehension. With a sensitivity of -130dB, full RF-side diveristy, tiny receivers for FPV quads, the TBS CROSSFIRE contains the most modern technology to provide a superior long range control link.

Remote control links, however, are tasked with much more than range. Latency, telemetry, robustness against interference, connectivity with smart devices, ease of use and the overall finish are too often sacrificed for that last bit of range. The Crossfire comes with plenty of range, and uses that margin for additional functionality and reliability. A bright future for FPV lies ahead :)


Team BlackSheep has been notorious for long range records, close-to-ground proximity flying in the Alps and deep urban operations. During our numerous missions all around the globe we have gathered a list of requirements, and have found that no existing system can cover them all. So we set on a long and painful path to develop a RC link system entirely from scratch, put it through its paces for over a year to ensure top-notch reliability and state-of-the-art functionality.

Through the OLED Display on the transmitter, you can monitor the real-time location of your drone (TBS GPS or BlackBox with DJI Naza or APM-based GPS required).  The up- and downlink status provide a feeling of safety, the configuration options through the OLED display do away with any PC-based configuration tools. The pulsing LED relays your link budget and link health in colorized form (green = keep going, orange = turn around). In case of a crash, the location of the drone is visible on the OLED as well. The built in battery on the receiver turns it into a beacon automatically - and it will continue to transmit its last known location until the battery runs out. 


Apart from unparalelled range, the thing that we are most proud about on the TBS CROSSFIRE is that it just works. In the past, our question always was "could our R/C link keep up?". With the TBS CROSSFIRE comes peace of mind. But don't take our word for it. All leading drone racing organizers require pilots to fly the TBS Crossfire. All top drone racers fly the TBS Crossfire. The furthest long range missions are flown with TBS Crossfire. This is the long range link that everyone has been waiting for!


As a modern R/C link, it has telemetry built in. Two-way communication opens up new possibilities. From streaming MAVLink to you smart device, to updating your firmware, setting your video transmitter channel or adjusting flight control parameters such as PIDs. Adaptive bandwidth controls the speed of transmission or optimizes for ultimate range. CRSF is a proprietary TBS communication protocol between the Crossfire and R/C and Flight Control. It provides ultra-low latency with incredible bandwidth (3x faster, 6x more data than any comparable protocol!). With such tight integration, the TBS Crossfire is the logical choice for anyone flying Betaflight, KiSS or ArduPilot/Pixhawk platforms. 


*Power and distance are subject to specific regulations, be sure to respect those established in the country where you are playing.

Bullet Points

  • Long range, adaptive and robust remote control system for your aircraft
  • Immune to on-board noise
  • Two-way communication link with real-time link vitals and telemetry
  • Self-healing & frequency hopping (DSSS, FHSS)
  • Adaptive bandwidth control and range optimization
  • Serial Modem capable of transmitting MAVLink or other serial protocols (up & downlink)
  • RX beacon mode to recover your downed aircraft
  • Super easy binding and configuration via built-in display
  • Low latency, 150Hz update rate (3x faster than typical RC links) control for perfect immersive feeling
  • Two receiver models: 8ch Diversity Rx, 4ch PPM/SBUS Mini-receiver (4g weight!)
  • 8 or 12ch output via PPM/SBUS/CRSF on both receivers
  • Ability to fly with multiple friends at the same time (10 or more)
  • Selectable RF power from 10mW to 2W (local restrictions apply)
  • Dedicated head-tracking input option for full FPV immersion
  • Transmitter LED shows link health, OLED display for built in configuration
  • Short-Range mobile connectivity telemetry output for smartphone apps
  • Fully configurable by OpenTX and TBS TANGO remote using CRSF protocol 
  • CRSF protocol interface to Betaflight, Kiss and Raceflight FCs ( lower latency, higher update rate, telemetry support ) 
  • Expansion port for future feature support
  • Micro-receiver for smaller drones. Smaller than you think!
  • Software updates via RF Link


  • Frequency Bands: 868MHz (EU, Russia) / 915MHz (USA, Asia, Australia)
  • Input Voltage: 3.5 - 13V
  • Power consumption: 1.1W (@10mW) - 3.2W (@2000mW)
  • Dimensions: 55 x 89 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 76g


  • TBS Crossfire Transmitter
  • TBS Crossfire JR Adapter
  • TBS Crossfire Stock Tx Antenna
  • Crossfire Futaba cable
  • Crossfire Graupner cable
  • Crossfire PWM Pigtail
  • Crossfire JST to XT30 cable
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Customer reviews

5/5 (21 notifications)
Par le 23/12/2022

Super produit

Par le 17/01/2022

Produit impeccable la dernière mise à jour avait était effectué.

Par le 04/01/2022

Très bon produit ! Probablement le meilleur !!!

Par le 16/07/2021


Par le 17/11/2020


Par le 13/08/2020

rien à ajouter

Par le 13/08/2020

Très bon produit à recommander

Par le 31/07/2020

Juste, magique...

Par le 31/07/2020

La référence longue portée! Très bon produit, reconnu immédiatement par ma radio (Jumper T16 pro). Qualité de réception parfaite! En revanche, mises à jour du soft fastidieuses (4 successives sur l’émetteur ET le récepteur, sinon appairage impossible)...

Par le 31/07/2020

Très bien, service impeccable, soigneux et attentif. Je recommande !

Par le 03/06/2020


Par le 28/05/2020

toujours dans son emballage car pas encore eu le temps de faire le switch

Par le 07/03/2020

Plug and play: parfait.

Par le 22/02/2020

Le Bluetooth en moins sur cette version, me convient parfaitement. Ressenti de qualité, montage sans soucis. Très bien pour le mid et long range. Faire confiance au produit (récepteur compris) quand on a pas l'habitude des grandes distances.

Par le 14/11/2019

Excellent, comforme à mes attentes que j'avais vu dans différents réseaux sociaux. Installé sur ma Taranis X-lite S

Par le 18/10/2019

TBS => n/a

Par le 15/06/2019


Par le 08/06/2019


Par le 21/05/2019

Je n'ai encore qu'effectue et quelques vol sans trop m'éloigner je n'ai rencontré aucun problème je suis donc très satisfait

Par le 12/02/2019

Par le 22/01/2019

Ce doit etre un bon produit mais je vais prendre le format normal