SKYRC e4Q Quattro DC Charger
SKYRC e4Q Quattro DC Charger
SKYRC e4Q Quattro DC Charger
SKYRC e4Q Quattro DC Charger
SKYRC e4Q Quattro DC Charger
Manufacturer : SkyRC / Référence : SKY100140

SKYRC e4Q Quattro DC Charger

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Caractéristiques techniques

The SkyRC e4Q is a quadruple DC powered charger for LiPo batteries from 2S to 4S. Charging current up to 5A, power of 4 x 50W.

The e4Q multi-charger by SKYRC uses a circuit with four independent outputs capable of delivering 50W each. It is designed to charge LiPo batteries from 2S to 4S. Just insert the balancing plug of the pack on the chosen output. The charger can simultaneously charge 4 batteries. The charging current can be set between 2A, 3A or 5A via a push button. Charged capacity and charging current can be displayed on the LED indicators by color variations.

Main Features

  • The 4 independent outputs can be used simultaneously
  • Choice of charging current: 2A / 3A / 5A
  • State of charge indicated by the LEDs and sound signal
  • The LEDs display the charging current and battery capacity through color variations.
  • DC power supply
  • Compact size and efficient ventilation
  • Maximum protection: Against short circuits, overloads and polarity reversals, as well as against supply voltage errors

Technical characteristics

  • DC power supply voltage: 11-26.1 V
  • Charge circuit power: 4x50W +/- 10%
  • Charging current: 2A / 3A / 5A
  • TYPE of battery: 2-4S LiPo
  • Connector type on the packs: XH connector
  • Operating temperature: 5-40 ° C
  • Net weight: 280 g
  • Dimensions: 128 x 128 x 50.5 mm
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