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Manufacturer : Skyzone / Référence : STEADYVIEW

SteadyView X 5.8GHz Receiver Module By Skyzone

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Technical characteristics

The Skyzone SteadyView X receiver merges two signals into one, preventing image degradation and making the image more stable and clearer in difficult conditions.

Featuring an IPS screen and a shuttle to adjust the receiver, the SteadyView X can be used on any goggles with an AV IN port.


Bullet points

  • IPS Screen
  • Shuttle Wheel Control
  • Ground Station Kit
  • USB C
  • ELRS backpack integrated


  • High sensitivity receiver: -98dBm±1dBm
  • Wild range voltage input: 2~6S lipo
  • USB C: support firmware update or power on the RX
  • 3.5mm: Video and Audio output
  • weight: 250g
  • package size: 15*15*8cm


  • 1x Steadyview X receiver module
  • 1x SKY04/EV300O/COBRA/Fatshark module bay cover
  • 1x Ground station KIT
  • 1x XT60-Barrel connector power cable
  • 1x 3.5mm Video out cable
  • 1x Patch antenna RHCP
  • 1x Omni antenna
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SteadyView X 5.8GHz... SteadyView X 5.8GHz Receiver Module By Skyzone
En stock