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AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch Prop 1set(2CW2CCW)
AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch Prop 1set(2CW2CCW)
Manufacturer : Emax / Référence : EMX-2177

AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch Prop 1set(2CW2CCW)

Color : Red
Color : Red Color : Black
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Caractéristiques techniques

The Emax Avan Rush propeller 2.5x1.9x3 was designed for Babyhawk Race 2.5 inch conversion kit to maximize performance and flight time. This propeller is matched to Emax 1106 4500kv for 4s or the Emax 1106 6000kv on 3s.

A true 1.9" pitch throughout the blade gives a linear control feeling across the throttle band while still achieving high speeds. This allows for ease of flight and more precision. With a special PC blend the Avan Mini weighs 1.25 grams. Utilizing thicker airfoils greatly increases durability and stiffness. Most of the weight is centralized near the hub creating a low moment of inertia of 1.24  grams*square centimeter which in turn makes a very responsive prop.

The Avan Rush was designed from the ground up starting from design constraints such as RPM, air speed, and required thrust. From these constraints aerodynamic models were built to predict performance and to design the blade shape. Highly cambered airfoils were used to achieve high lift coefficients at high angles of attack prolonging stall. This allows for a higher blade angle while still remaining efficient. The cambered airfoils also allow a greater flight envelope making for great low end responsiveness while still being able to achieve high speeds.

A special Polycarbonate blend is used to achieve high durability. This material is incredibly tough and ductile to resist fracture in high impact crashes. A thick blade root was designed to further increase this durability. Our injection mold process is optimized to reduce bubbles in the plastic to increase the strength of the propeller and to maintain superb balance.

AVAN Rush 2.5 inch prop 



  • 2.5 inch diameter
  • 1.9 inch pitch
  • 3 blades

Inertial Properties

  • Weight: 1.4 grams
  • Moment of Inertia: 1.24 g*cm^2
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Customer reviews

4.8/5 (21 notifications)
Par le 11/06/2023

Très bien

Par le 22/05/2023

Very good props, a little bit noisy but very efficient.

Par le 04/05/2023

Conformes pour le tinykawk 2 freestyle

Par le 28/03/2023

Decent props for a 3” LR or cruiser. They’re easy on the battery.

Par le 19/03/2023

Parfaites pour tinyhawk 2 freestyle !

Par le 17/02/2023

Beaucoup de punch !

Par le 30/09/2022

helices trés robuste.durable

Par le 23/07/2022

Convient parfaitement à mes 2,5" en 1105 5000kv. Je les redresse parfois après des "atterrissages " virils !

Par le 10/07/2022

Nickel pour mon 2,5"

Par le 21/01/2022

Très bonnes hélices très solides plusieurs Crash et toujours intacte

Par le 21/12/2021


Par le 03/08/2021

Hélices solides, qui ne consomme pas trop

Par le 11/05/2021

belle qualité de fabrication

Par le 11/05/2021

Pas encore utilisées mais elles sont conformes aux originales

Par le 18/12/2020

Très satisfait

Par le 11/12/2020

au top !

Par le 14/12/2019

Produits conformes

Par le 14/12/2019

Parfait pour mon emax tinyhawk freestyle.

Par le 02/04/2019

OK conforme

Par le 10/10/2018

Très efficace et silencieuse

Par le 09/10/2018


AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch Prop 1set(2CW2CCW) AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch Prop 1set(2CW2CCW)