The new Wolf v3 in an exciting upgrade which now fits perfectly in the Apex and Reverb frames, as well as the legendary Alien with a simple 3D printable adapter.

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The new Wolf v3 in an exciting upgrade which now fits perfectly in the Apex and Reverb frames, as well as the legendary Alien with a simple 3D printable adapter.

The updated version 3 board is much smaller and lighter than the the previous Wolf, as well as having an all new graphical OSD overlay. This gives us lots of room to play with adding new features that take the ImpulseOSD firmware even further.

Designed from the ground up for intuitive ease-of-use, ImpulseOSD is a new software platform made in collaboration with Alexander Wolf, creator of the highly regarded KISS OSD.

We went back to the drawing board to reimagine how an OSD should work, keeping a focus on simplicity and auto-configuration while adding new smart features you didn’t realise you were missing. ImpulseOSD running on the Wolf PDB offers a lot more than a barebones OSD added on to the side of your flight controller as an afterthought.

Get more stable loop times and consistently solid performance by letting your FC focus on what it does best: real-time flight control. Keep your UARTs for more important tasks and directly connect your peripherals to the Wolf PDB, including camera control, VTX control, GPS and LED strips. 


With our smart communication algorithms, no configuration is required to detect and work with your hardware. Connect any KISS, Betaflight or Butterflight FC and ImpulseOSD will intelligently switch modes to get the data it needs. Wire up a Tramp, Unify or other SmartAudio VTX and ImpulseOSD will take over full control of it automatically, without any setting changes required.


If you would like to try flying a little further than usual, simply solder a GPS to the PDB. The next time you power on, the hardware is detected and you will get a basic home arrow and distance without touching a thing. Dig a little in to the settings to get access to live efficiency calculations to find the most economical throttle range for your quad, experimental head home warnings and beacon mode to preserve battery life in the event of a failsafe and allow you to recover your quad. Also, yes, all of the entire GPS feature set is fully working on KISS, including streaming position data back to your Taranis via the flight controller.


Driver issues are a thing of the past. No COM ports, no DFU mode, no Zadig, you don’t even need the ImpulseRC Driver Fixer – connect via USB to your PC and we take care of the rest. Enjoy seamless upgrade flashing and full configuration of every feature using our advanced GUI software which works 100% driverless. As you drag items around on the screen, change settings or switch font, you can watch through your goggles to get instant live updates to give a real preview of your display.


Change camera settings in the field with a true analog output to help navigate your camera OSD using the sticks of your transmitter. We also included a dedicated serial port for camera control with the new Runcam digital protocol to make sure you are future proofed. ImpulseOSD stays in constant communication with your VTX to ensure it is always on the power and frequency you select. Set independent power levels for armed and disarmed states as well as access advanced features such as Pit Boot and Beacon Mode to really take things to the next level.


We are working with several well-known pilots in the community to bring full language translations of the OSD and its menus. Drop in to the OSD menus or the GUI to instantly change the language between English, French, German and Spanish.


Dual cascading switching and linear regulators with additional filters provide that silky-smooth power to your video components. Fully 6S capable out of the box, you no longer need to worry about voltage ranges or filtering when building your monster freestyle rig, we have you firmly covered.


Quality mems microphone on board means you can get crisp audio piped directly back to your goggles and can hear exactly what your quad is doing in the air.


Full documentation will be maintained as a Wiki on Github.



Windows - Full featured, drag and drop screen designer, configuration of all settings.

Mac - Simple tool for backup/restore and firmware update.

Avis produits
  • Par L. Guillaume
  • the 16/06/2020
Un must have pour les aficionados de Kiss. L'ergonomie du logiciel de configuration à télécharger sur impulserc est au top. Les pins sont à replacer pour une FC fettec.
  • Par D. Pascal
  • the 19/02/2020
Bonne qualité, bien emballée, pas mal d'accessoires contrairement à certaines autres marques. Par contre il manque la capacité en ampères de la PDB, et toutes les possibilités de la carte ne sont pas suffisamment détaillées.
  • Par W. Jean-Christophe
  • the 27/08/2019
Je cherchais un OSD pour mon 1er drone en KISS. Il fait le taf. Je n'ai pas encore pu tester tout son potential à cause d'une FC KISS V2 défectueuse (Gyro défectueux)
  • Par A. Simos
  • the 24/07/2019
Very good product!
  • Par M. Angelo
  • the 30/01/2019
  • Par A. Anonymous
  • the 14/11/2018
bonne PDB OSD facile d' utilisation et tout ce qu' il faut comme info utile à afficher.
  • Par A. Anonymous
  • the 09/08/2018
great PDB so many functions, OSD is amazing. Despite the price it is worth it but I had to buy a reverb frame as this one did not fit my asxtrox X5 nor my Rooster.
  • Par A. Anonymous
  • the 04/08/2018
Super. Une PDB qui offre plein de possibilités.
  • Par A. Anonymous
  • the 29/07/2018
Juste parfaite, pour ceux qui souhaitent une pdb complète avec osd, avec du kiss c'est le top
  • Par A. Anonymous
  • the 29/07/2018
Quality product !
  • Par A. Anonymous
  • the 29/07/2018
encours de montage , vivement le logiciel pour MAC :)
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