TBS Aerum Polar X 5G8 Antenna
TBS Aerum Polar X 5G8 Antenna
TBS Aerum Polar X 5G8 Antenna
TBS Aerum Polar X 5G8 Antenna
Manufacturer : Team BlackSheep / Référence : TBS-AERUM-POLAR-X

TBS Aerum Polar X 5G8 Antenna

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Caractéristiques techniques

The Aerum Polar X is a dual polarized receiver antenna. It combines two linear, cross polarized antennas in one streamlined form factor and works best paired together with Aerum Polar S.

Cross polarized (dual polarized) MIMO receiver antenna for diversity goggle modules. Can be mounted to goggle modules and will work like two linear antennas orientated in the perfect orientation - always! Reduced size and less weight, while still giving near-perfect omnidirectional reception

  • Patented PCB antenna
  • Integrated filter
  • Near-perfect cross-polarized reception pattern
  • Two antennas in one
  • Dimensions: 35x35x1 mm
  • Weight: 3.8g


With PCB technology it is possible to design more reproducible and finer structures and to tighter tolerances. The FR4 material is resistant to impact and lightweight. The flat structure makes it nearly without air resistance when mounted in direction of flight!


Patented MIMO antennas. Aerodynamic and lightweight. Aerum Polar is a new style of PCB Antenna engineered in Germany for the car industry. Together with TBS the antennas were appropriated for the FPV market.

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Customer reviews

4.3/5 (3 notifications)
Par le 31/07/2020

Meilleurs resultat qu'un combo patch circulaire de immersion rc. Moins de glitch sur le même parcour, surtout derrière obstacle. Mes drones ont des antennes linéaires.

Par le 25/05/2019

It os NOT better then 2 antennas, BUT it is also not worse! For training/racing/short range freestyle it is nearly the same performance. It is not for longrange. > 250m it starts getting worse (25mW) I tested it several times and have videos online for you to see youtube: lucash nase

Par le 23/05/2019

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