Sarto+ Frame Pack By Lethal Conception + Stickers + Motors

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Pack content

The Sartoplus Lethal Conception was developed in collaboration with the pilot Sartorius to offer the best performance.

Looking for an atypical, aesthetic, lightweight frame with incredible flight characteristics?

The Sartoplus is for you!

He is agile, precise and above all formidable of efficiency.

The SartoPlus offers you a new driving experience because it does not behave like any other X frame.

Its + stretch geometry differs from other frames in:

  • improving the response on the axis of the roll
  • damping the movements on the pitch
  • conferring increased agility
  • increasing propeller efficiency (airflow does not disturb each other)
  • offering a better decomposition of the movements especially on pitch and roll

This set of qualities gives it an incomparable type of flight.

Its design also allows the quick replacement of an arm.

The milled countersunk screws will fit perfectly in the carbon thus obtaining a smooth rendering.

The use of carbon T300 "Full Layer" (100% carbon) gives it an incredible rigidity and robustness.

It has two different FC centers; 30.5x30.5 and 20x20.

The SartoPlus by Lethal Conception is the ultimate weapon when paired with the XNova 2204 / 2900kv or 2206 Lethal Design engines for the greediest looking scary.



  • Chamfered frame 240/200 mm stretch
  • Carbon arm chamfered 4mm T300 full layer
  • Chamfered cross plate 2mm T300 full layer
  • Chamfered flat top 2mm T300 full layer
  • TPU canopy
  • TPU canopy stand
  • Internal height 30mm (3 stack)
  • 16x16 Motor Mounting
  • Only 71 grams


  • 1 x Bottom plate 2mm
  • 1 x 2mm flat top
  • 2 x Arms 4mm 120mm
  • 2 x Arms 4mm 100mm
  • 1 x Flat Lipo 2mm
  • 2 x 4mm Carbon Washer
  • 1 x Rear canopy mount with TPU crossfire support
  • 1 x Front canopy stand
  • 1 x TPU Canopy
  • 4 x Soft Mount Spacers
  • 2 x aluminum spacers 30mm
  • 4 x nylon spacer 6mm
  • 4 x Nylon screws
  • 5 x M3 nuts
  • 9 x insert nut
  • 11 x M3x10
  • 4 x M3x6
  • 2 x M3x16
  • 2 x M3x8

Sartorius Configuration

  • FC: Furious fortini osd
  • ESC: Aikon AK32 4 in 1
  • RX: TBS crossfire
  • Camera: Micro Type
  • VTX: Furious Stealth
  • Antenna: AXII stub
  • Motors: X-NOVA 2204 / 2900KV

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