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The Armattan Rooster is an X-compressed freestyle frame. At first glance, it seems to be similar to the Chameleon, but if you look closely, almost nothing beyond the form is the same.

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When the Armattan Chameleon was released a year ago, it took the multirotor community by storm. And while the minds behind it were relieved that the design was successful, they didn't stop there. Comments and suggestions came in, and the team kept looking for any way they could improve upon the formula.  It took months of development and testing, but it's paid off. As 2018 comes upon us, something new is coming. Something Awesome.

A special thanks to Jason Hay – Designer

Titanium Treatment

The Armattan Rooster is a compressed-x, freestyle frame. At first glance, it may seem similar to the Chameleon, but if you look carefully, almost nothing beyond the shape is the same.

First and foremost, the Rooster uses new materials. Armattan developed a new carbon fiber weave in conjunction with this frame. It still has some spring but is much less likely to delaminate in a high impact. While this carbon will eventually be used in all of Armattan's frames, the Rooster will be the first to sport this upgrade. Another change is that the camera cage is now grade 5 titanium. By moving to a slightly more expensive material, Armattan has doubled the strength of the camera cage at the same mass as the Chameleon's. The rear standoffs on the Rooster are also newly developed for this airframe. They extend out past the rear of the top and bottom carbon to protect from a direct rear impact. In addition, the bolt holes in the middle provide for modular antenna mounting plates: now available to serve and protect a wider variety of VTX's. Lastly, the Rooster uses stainless steel, flathead bolts. Besides the low profile making bolts less likely to damage LiPos or cameras, this hardware is terribly strong. You will find that you'll strip your driver long before you damage your hardware, and the weight gain over using aluminum is minimal.

If you take a closer look at the cage, you'll notice a few more important features.  As is expected from Armattan, there is a lot of FPV camera protection.  You can fly safely with your cam anywhere from 25 to 60 degrees.  In addition, the center-point of the camera has been lowered in comparison to the Chameleon.

In addition, the center of the camera has been lowered compared to the chameleon. Now, your rolls will show less vertical distortion when you hit the sticks. In addition to lower placement, the camera mount supports Runcam Swift v2, Foxeer Arrow v3, or any other standard FPV camera with a 28.5mm case. The cage metal was also stretched from 4x4mm to 6x2mm to allow the use of M3 screws. This is something that would certainly not have been possible without the incorporation of titanium. And finally, in order to increase strength and reduce weight, the HD camera was set at 35 degrees - a value that seems to please many drivers without modification. In fact, the reduced weight here makes a difference. The Rooster comes just below what the chameleon weighs.

The rear of this craft has a couple options that aren't obvious to the naked eye.  The first option is the standard rear plate.  This comes with 3 molded rubber components: a grommet for mounting the SMA adapter, and two cones to mount your RX antenna tubes.  This should provide a clear and satisfying mount point for any pilot with any VTX.  If you use a "Unify" style transmitter (that has two flanges on the sides of the SMA pigtail), you may prefer the optional rear-plate.  That plate allows you to hard-mount the SMA adapter to the rear of your craft and even provides you with space below for a rear-mounted XT-60.
Please note: for both rear plates, it is recommended that you use a VTX that has a pigtail.

If that wasn't enough, there are some final upgrades that you may not have seen.  The swappable arms are clear of the center-stack, providing you with a couple extra millimeters of stack height while maintaining a 20mm deck height.  This also allows you to make upgrades or change a broken arm without needing to unscrew the FC.  In addition, the front arm slots around the titanium cage creating a bomb-proof mounting point.  The widened camera cage, as previously mentioned, allows for all M2 bolts to be removed from the frame's construction.  Rejoice, for now you can construct your entire frame with a single hex driver!  Lastly, the small, interior top-plates are completely optional.  While they provide a bit more strength and an extra area to mount a VTX or RX, we feel strongly enough about the frame to warranty it with or without those two plates of carbon.

Did you say Warranty ?

You want it? You got it. If you cock up your frame, you can rest assured knowing that Armattan's legendary transferable lifetime warranty has got you covered from your aluminum tail-feathers to your titanium head. That's our promise.


Titanium :
2x Camera cage

Equipement :
6 M4 4mm Flat Head Screws
8 M3 6mm Flat Head Screws
3 M3 bolts with 8 mm flat head
3 M3 bolts with 10 mm flat head
M3 flat head bolts 10x 12mm
10x M3 nuts
10 Nylock M3 nuts
16x 6mm M3 Button Head Bolts (Motor)
Curved head bolts (camera) 6x 8mm M2

1x 28.6 Front Spacer (Silver)
2x rear spacers (black)

Entretoises 5x 6mm
5x nuts
M3 bolts 5x 16mm with button head

Carbon fiber:
1x 2mm top plate (LiPo)
1x 1.5mm HD cam plate
1x 1.5mm Small front plate (upper)
1x 1.5mm Small back plate (upper)
1x Rear VTX Plate 2mm (Standard or TBS)
1x 4 mm main plate
4x 4mm Arms - 5 inches or 6 inches

1x Lipo strap
1x LiPo foam cushion
1x HD camera foam
4x Dog-bone landing pads
1x SMA molded rubber grommet (only included with standard VTX plate)
3x molded rubber antenna tube mount (only included with standard VTX plate)


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  • the 01/08/2020
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  • the 13/06/2018
superbe frame et en plus garantie à vie. Il faudrait un jeu d'entretoise en plus pour réhausser la fc et mettre un Itramp sous la carte et pouvoir tout caser sans forcer.

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